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Flame Retardants 2004 CD only
Flame Retardants 2004 CD only
Flame Retardants 2004 CD ROM

CD ROM 90 tables and 135 illustrations

The 11th international conference was atended by 240 delegates from 16 countries. Some 26 papers were presented and are listed below. All papers appear in the hardback proceedings and in the accompanying CD ROM

Publication Date: February 2004

The Latest Position on Flame Retardant Risk Assessments, Veronique Steukers (Albemarle), D Drohmann (GLCC), S Kroon (Akzo Nobel) and European Flame Retardants Association, Belgium
Prioritisation of Flame Retardants for Environmental Risk Assessment, Steve Dungey, Environment Agency,UK Fire-LCA Model: Furniture Case Study, Margaret Simonson, P Andersson, P Blomqvist, L Rosell SP Fire Technology and H Stipple, IVL, Sweden
Emissions of Flame Retardants from Selected Consumer Products and Building Materials, Oliver Hahn, S Kemmlein, O Jahn, Federal Institute for Materials Research & Testing (BAM), Germany
Understanding Flame Retardant Release to the Environment , Gary Stevens, R Ghanem, J Thomas, University of Surrey and A Horrocks, B Kandola, Bolton Institute, UK
Flame Retardant Plastics and the DfE Challenge, Tom O’Neill, Polymeron Network, UK
The Implementation of the WEEE-Directive - An Opportunity for Plastics Containing Brominated Flame Retardants? Dieter Drohmann (Great Lakes Chemicals) and L Tange, (Eurobrom) EBFRIP, Belgium
FR Solutions in Critical Applications to Meet Emerging Needs, Joe Andrews, A Noonan, Great Lakes Chemical Corp, USA
Flammability Performance Comparison Between Synthetic and Natural Clays in Polystyrene Nanocomposites Alex Morgan, L-L Chu, J Harris, Dow Chemical Company, USA
Effectiveness of Nanoclays as Flame Retardants for Fibres, Richard Horrocks, B Kandola, S Padbury, Bolton Institute, UK
A New Generation of Flame Retarded Polyamides Based on Phosphinates, Sebastian Hörold, B Nass, O Schacker, W Wanzke, Clariant GmbH, Germany
Optimised Mineral Flame Retardants and Synergisms – New Aspects Focused on the Balance of Fire Performance and Polymer Process Ability, Reiner Sauerwein, Nabaltec GmbH, Germany
Talc as Functional Additive in Flame Retardant Systems, Frederick Jouffret, G Meli, Luzenac Europe, France
Is Red Phosphorus an Effective Solution for Flame Proofing Polyolefin Articles? Norberto Gatti and S Costanzi, Italmatch Chemicals spa, Italy
Durability and New Service Classes for FRT Wood In Different End Uses, Birgit östman, L Tsantaridis, Tratek, Sweden
Halogen Free Flame Retardants in Thermoplastics: A Comparative Study on Smoke Emission and Burning Behaviour of Various Synergistic Systems, Thomas Futterer, Chemische Fabrik Budenheim, Germany
Efficient Reactive Flame Retardant Systems for Production of Flexible and Rigid Polyurethane Foams, Rudi Borms, R Wilmer, Eurobrom, The Netherlands, S Bron, Y Zilberman, IMI, and P Georlette, DSBG, Israel
Lacqrene 855 for Television Casings: A Breakthrough in Cost-Effective and Easy-to-Process Flame Retardant Polystyrene, François Minec, T Grimaud, Atofina, France
Compounding and Performance of Flame Retarded Materials for the Wire and Cable Industry, Colin Richardson, Coperion Buss AG, Switzerland
Further Implementation of the Construction Products Directive (CPD) in Europe; The Latest Status and Impact on Industry, Christine Lukas, APME, Belgium
European fire classes for cables – The Development of an Evaluation System, Björn Sundström, SP Fire Technology, Sweden
Using the Cone Calorimeter Both to Predict Performances in SBI and Other Fire Tests, and to Aid Product Development and Quality Control, Patrick Van Hees, SP Fire Technology, Sweden
Current U.S. Activities in Developing Fire Tests for Residential Furnishings, Gordon Damant, Inter-City Testing & Consulting Corp, USA
New Fire Classifications and Fire Test Methods for the European Railway Industry , Gary Duggan, Gary Duggan & Partner and S Kumar, Interscience Communications Ltd., UK
Fire Safety of Cars, Trains, Ships and Airplanes. What Has Been Happening Recently in the USA, Marcelo Hirschler, GBH International, USA Fire Properties of Exterior Automotive Materials, Marc Janssens, K Battipaglia, J Huczek, M Miller, K Willson, Southwest Research Insitute (SwRI), USA
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