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Flame Retardants 2002
Flame Retardants 2002
Flame Retardants 2002

Hardback, 281 pages with 72 tables and 121 illustrations

The 10th international conference in the series provides a forum for manufacturers, users, legislators, fire test experts and fire scientists to exchange ideas about what is needed and what is possible and practicable in the control of fire in polymeric materials. The chapters contain: Regulatory & Sustainability Issues (6), Commercial FR Formulations (8), FR Research (4), Testing (4), Applications (4).


Publication Date: February 2002
ISBN: ISBN 0 9541216 0 0

Recent actions within Europe in respect of the use of chemical flame- retardant FIRESEL
- A new approach to fire safety in electronics International fire statistics and the potential benefits of fire counter-measures Flame-retardant plastics and sustainable product specification
How to decide if a material is suitable for an application where fire safety is required
The new features of EG based fire retardants Phosphorus containing flame retardants –
Compounding and material properties
Sustainable fire safety in electrical and electronic equipment
Environmentally-friendly tin-based flame retardants
;Creating value through flame retardants – the role of melamine based FR New application developments in halogen free flame retardant polyolefins and polyamide engineering plastics using
Firebrake zinc borate Antimony free flame retardant systems containing Flamestab NOR 116 for polypropylene molding
Halogen free flame retardant polyolefins technology: Studies on various synergistic systems based on APP Evolution of an intumescent system for man made flame retardant PA-6,6 formulations using melamine polyphosphates as FR agent for electrical applications.
Influence of glass fibres Improved thermal stability of crown ether and imidazolium treatments for flame retardant polymer layered-silicate nanocomposites The role of flame retardant additives in the fracture toughness of high impact polystyrene
A new method for measuring polymer flammability Developing an open-flame ignition standard for residential mattresses Fire effluent analysis using two fire models: tubular furnace and smoke chamber
Fire performance of plastics in car interiors
A new flame retardant system for polymers
Comparative research on the reaction-to-fire classification of building products using current national and future harmonised European test methods
The need for a small scale screening test for major Euroclass test methods
Fire performance assessment of cables
The future of flame retarded products in Europe
Waste management of plastics containing brominated flame retardants
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